We would like to inform you about the title of our journal, which has previously been entitled “Implantology".



The current title is

Journal of implantology and applied sciences


The change has been effective as of June 2021 (Vol.25, Issue 2).


The Journal of implantology and applied sciences (J Implantol Appl Sci) is the official journal of the Korean Academy Of Oral & Maxillofacial Implantology (KAOMI) founded on 1994. It is the leading professional journal in Korea, devoted to implant dentistry. This journal provides many clinicians, teachers and researchers with scientific progress on patient care, education and research in implant dentistry and interrelated disciplines.

We have decided to change the title of the journal as a truly international journal exploring the full range of researches relevant to dental implantology. 


This journal aims to convey scientific and clinical progress in the field of implant dentistry and its related areas to many dental communities concerned with the application of this information for the benefit of patients in need of dental implants.


If there are any questions related to the journal, please let us know.