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2018 Vol.22, Issue 2 Preview Page
June 2018. pp. 100-105

This article demonstrates a case that successfully placed a retro-fitted crown restoration under an existing denture by employing the characteristics of digital technology. Scanned data of the arch that involves edentulous area, and of the old denture itself were obtained and superimposed on each other. A virtual crown was modeled in computer-aided design software with marginally larger than the ideal size. The old denture was regarded as an adjacent tooth in the setting menu so that the portion of the virtual crown that extends over to the old denture could be automatically deleted by selecting the “Cut intersections” option. This retro-fitted crown was milled with a polymethylmethacrylate disc after a minor adjustment of its contour. The crown and the old denture were placed in the patient’s mouth, and resulted in favorable esthetic outcome and occlusion, showing proper relationship with the old denture.

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  • Journal Title :IMPLANTOLOGY
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  • Volume : 22
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  • Pages :100-105
  • Received Date :2018. 06. 15
  • Accepted Date : 2018. 06. 29