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2018 Vol.22, Issue 2 Preview Page
June 2018. pp. 106-116

Background: The two-implant overdenture should be considered as the first treatment option for mandibular edentulous patients. But for the maxilla, there is no widely accepted consensus yet. In this study, implant survival rate, clinical evaluations, marginal bone loss of the maxillary overdenture were investigated.

Materials and Methods: “Maxillary overdenture” was the key word of this study, and with the combination of “attachment system”, “implant number”, “implant survival rate”, “clinical evaluation” and “marginal bone loss”, 21 journals were searched by “Pubmed”.

Results: There were no differences in the survival rate according to the attachment systems and implant numbers. Especially, maxillary overdentures with four or more implants showed excellent results. Clinical parameters and marginal bone loss were not affected by attachment systems and implant numbers.

Conclusion: For successful maxillary implant overdenture treatment, four or more implants can be considered using various attachment systems.

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